Give Your Furry Family a Healthy and Happy Life

Providing Expert and Natural Pet Wellness Solutions

Customized Pet Health Approach

If you are like us, you love your pet and would do anything to ensure that they live the healthiest life possible. Our pets cannot tell us when they feel bad, if they are hurting or when their food is upsetting them. Your pet could be suffering from simple environmental stressors or food allergies. Bloating, itching, diarrhea, collapsed trachea, gut issues, kidney disease, cancer support, joint health and aging issues are just a few of the many concerns that your Enlightened Mutt Pet Health Coach will help with.

Our process here at Enlightened Mutt combines simple testing, then dietary and supplement recommendations from your Certified Pet Health Coach. You will be amazed at the changes you see in your pet.

  Your Enlightened Mutt Certified Pet Health Coach is different because we utilize elements of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, customize diets to your pet’s specific needs and coach you one on one to assist you with the necessary tools to help your pets live healthier and happier lives.

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Understanding Pet Allergies & Sensitivities

Pet allergies and/or sensitivities are more common than many pet owners realize. At Enlightened Mutt, we help pet owners recognize the signs of allergies in their pets, understand potential triggers, and provide advice on managing these allergies holistically. Nutritional deficiencies can disguise as allergy symptoms. Enlightened Mutt will help find the root cause of issues so you can help your pets feel their best.

The Importance of Pet Diet

Pet food is not one size fits all. Each pet’s dietary needs are unique. Your Certified Pet Health Coach will work with your comfort level to create a plan to aid the treatment of your pet’s specific issues.

Most commercially manufactured pet food contains over 65% grain, grain byproduct or grain fillers, corn based ingredients and simple carbohydrates that translate into sugar. Sugar is what causes chronic inflammation, obesity and cognitive issues in our pets. Dogs and cats need protein, healthy fats and nutrient rich ingredients to attain optimal health. By feeding your pet a healthy balanced diet it decreases the risk of cancer and kidney diseases that can cut your pet’s life way too short. Feeding your pet a customized diet reduces inflammation and will help how they feel overall.

Whether you are just starting your pets journey to better health or been at it for a while, we will meet you where you are and put together the right plan to help your pet.

Holistic Pet Health Tips

We understand the challenges of navigating pet health. That’s why we are dedicated to providing useful tips and advice on holistic pet health. From understanding food labels to recognizing the signs of allergies, we provide the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your pet’s health.


"What an amazing experience. My dog Lucky is a completely different dog. She is a Corgie & Pit mix. For years she was overweight and was always hungry. Her poor stomach was rock hard and bloated constantly. Sandy started with the stress test and then provided diet and supplement recommendations. All I can say is, “WOW”. Lucky is a completely different dog after a few weeks and improving daily. She is now a healthy weight, has an improved coat, her inflammation has decreased substantially, she no longer has ear infections, yeast in the ears is gone, and her eyes now look happy versus looking sad and miserable as she was for years."