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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Certified Pet Health Coach?

A Certified Pet Health Coach is a naturally healthy approach to you pet’s health and nutrition in order for your pet to feel their best. We will help to identify and eliminate environmental and food stressors which impact your pets attitude, digestive systems, and overall well being. We review breed, lifestyle, nutrition, and genetic predisposition. Your pet health coach will be proactive in teaching you how to prevent illness and other issues that may arise in the future. If your pet already has health issues, we help get them back to healthy and living their best life.


2. What if I’m not certain this service is for me?

You can schedule a ten minute no obligation “Discovery Call” to determine if our consultation and testing is a good fit. Your coach will inquire as to your expectations and advise of necessary steps to achieve desired results.

3. Who is a pet health coach for?

Every pet and pet owner will benefit from a pet health coach. Puppies need a proper start and senior dogs experience arthritis, hip dyspepsia, degenerative spinal issues, and more. There are many natural options to better your pets health and life.

4. How to expect?

We will start with a discovery call to ensure this is a good fit for you. You will then be sent an intake form to complete regarding detailed information about your pet. You will schedule a consultation to review the results of the test and recommendations by your pet health coach regarding a specific diet and recommended supplements. One or two follow up appointments along the way will be necessary to make adjustments to diet and/or supplements depending on the progressive of your pet.

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